RNMKRS Board of Directors Announcement
January 2, 2024
The Cringe Podcast - Episode 2 - Matt Cameron

Sales-conversation innovator RNMKRS has added experienced and successful tech executives Lou Shipley and Stephen Gregorio to its Board of Directors.  RNMKRS technology combines a deep understanding of the sales process with valuable science-of-learning insights and the power of adaptive game mechanics to change the seller-buyer dynamic from “pitching” to “having a conversation”.  RNMKRS focuses on enabling sales teams to have the meaningful and productive sales conversations that are essential for success. No other company has performed more role plays and no other platform features fully developed customer characters ready to have sales conversations that deliver results.

In announcing the appointments, RNMKRS CEO Adam Clay said “we couldn’t be more pleased that Lou and Stephen agreed to join our board. Their relevant experience and guidance will be invaluable.”  RNMKRS co-founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Randall echoed Clay’s sentiment. “We’re extremely fortunate to benefit from the advice and counsel of two proven, savvy tech leaders who’ve been in the trenches. Lou and Stephen understand what is required to grow and succeed because they’ve been there and done it.”  

Shipley is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School and a driving force behind the explosive growth of the entrepreneurial sales program. He is also a multi-time successful tech CEO – most recently at Black Duck Software – and popular tech-market commentator, writer and speaker.

“I evaluate companies by listening to their sales calls,” Shipley said. “  By focusing on having more effective sales conversations, RNMKRS helps companies improve their sales teams’ conversational skills, increase sales and scale faster. We use the product at HBS and its value is tangible. The approach is unique.”  Shipley added that he has “worked with Adam Clay for more than 10 years and I have a high level of confidence that he will be an excellent CEO.”

Gregorio noted that  “as a long-time tech CFO for nine different companies, it was always difficult for me to gauge the level of my sales teams’ conversational readiness. Predictable revenue is only possible when sellers are consistent in their conversations.”  

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