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Learn how the Power of 3 changes the equation:

Pitching is dead.  Adam talks about the role of salespeople in the age of information.

Adaptive gaming builds muscle memory.  Scott talks about how game mechanics help develop conversational mastery.

Most sales training aproaches are out of date.  Stefanie talks about how sellers learn best.

Responsible AI is essential.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world today and will continue to do so at an accelerated pace. While AI is opening doors for innovation and advancement, it’s also opening doors to risk and uncertainty. As AI practitioners, it’s our responsibility to develop and scale AI applications with a steady eye on these risks.

The RNMKRS Conversation Engine is an adaptive game engine built on a small, or narrow, model AI expert system. Unlike LLMs, our narrow model is a closed, purpose-built system, manually trained by us to do one thing, and one thing only: build, simulate and evaluate sales conversation practice. Our model uses a small set of inputs to get this job done, based on a data set we designed that is 100% explainable. Not a black box.

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All companies that use AI must be vigilant in the following areas:


Biases introduced in AI decision-making systems can contribute to discrimination against different groups of people. It’s critical to eliminate these biases to create AI systems that are robust and inclusive to all.


AI systems, like all IT systems, are susceptible to data breaches and attacks. These breaches can put sensitive information at risk. It’s important to assess, classify and monitor sensitive data.


The security of an AI system is critical, so it’s important to assess the risks and potential consequences of an attack, then continually test the system to find and fix vulnerabilities.


Being able to interpret why AI models come up with specific outputs is important for all businesses and users to fully understand and trust AI systems.


Adam Clay

Adam Clay
Chief Executive Officer

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Scott Randall

Scott Randall
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

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Dr. Stephanie Boyer

Dr. Stefanie Boyer, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer and Head of Education

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Omri Halak

Omri Halak
Chief Operating Officer

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