Give Salespeople the Ability to Master the Conversation of Your Design.

Practice makes profit. Not pitch practice. Not practicing on your customers.  RNMKRS gives you natural language conversations with interactive customer characters.  Reps get instant feedback and coaching.  You get real-time conversation readiness data.

RNMKRS products

Why RNMKRS? Why now?

Traditional training isn’t cutting it.
Billions are spent preparing salespeople for conversations they can’t practice.

Live roleplay isn’t scalable.

Feedback is inconsistent.

Reps are pitching, not selling.

Reps are practicing on customers.

Conversation analysis is too late.

Watch sellers improve as they try to Beat The Bot.

You design your role play, we bring it to life. You know your customers’ mindset, fears, aspirations, and motivations. If only your reps could carry that knowledge with them into each customer conversation.

Practicing with the bot

Meet the prospects.

We’ve engineered our animated AI-powered customer characters to behave realistically and communicate like your toughest customers, so trainees can have authentic, dynamic sales conversations.

Meet the RNMKRS bots

We build our expertise into every session

RNMKRS is different. We’re not techies trying to make sales training tools­ — we’re sales, learning and game experts who understand the challenge of scaling role play practice.

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Unmatched sales expertise

We’ve led and launched enterprise and startup sales teams to success, so we engineer proven best practices into the natural language conversations your reps will rehearse.

RNMKRS Game mechanics

Commercial-grade game play

Consider how well you perform those nuanced moves in your favorite game. We deliver that level of engagement learning to your sales team at scale.


Science of Learning

Already used by 90 leading sales programs, including Harvard Business School, our platform is built on scientific principles of adult learning.

Supercharge your sales economics.

Lower your customer-acquisition costs, improve your win rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase deal size.

Let’s make it rain.

Contact us to learn how to prepare your sellers to have the conversations you need them to have.