Drive pharma sales with conversational AI.

Train your sales team to meet the challenges of Pharma sales head-on with consistent, quality AI conversations.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar? 

New Product Launches

New Indications

New Competitor Strategies

Life Cycle Management

Label Changes

Lagging Sales Uptake

New Market Entries

Compliance Management

You’re challenged to train your sales people to meet these challenges with consistent, quality customer conversations.

dilution icon

Your Key Message: Diluted?

It’s crisp. It’s tested. You have great clinical data to back it up but you have a sinking feeling your reps may struggle to articulate it.

Confusion icon

Your CVA: Confused?

It’s big. It’s complex. It backs up your key message. No matter how much reps plan in advance, they get flustered in front of the customer when the conversation takes a turn.

Compliance icon

Your Compliance: Always at Risk?

Your risk department, and you, worry about reps going off-script with prohibited claims and/or language when confronted by HCPs.

Sales Training icon

Your Sales Training: Slow, inconsistent, expensive?

“Live” roleplay between rep and manager has issues. Logistical barriers to doing more than one or two with each rep means your reps are practicing your message in front of customers.

RNKRS Sales Training

Efficient, Effective, Timely Training

What if in less time, for less money, with faster ramp times and no cannibalization of actual selling time you could give your reps repeat practice at executing your sales conversation?

Mastery Before Autonomy

What if you could be sure that, before reps put their personal style on top of your key message, they can deliver that message flawlessly and consistently?

Pharma solutions

RNMKRS offers Pharma sales and training teams…


Roleplays reps want to do. You know roleplay increases rep competency, but is it worth the hassle? You have lots of reps and getting them the at-bats they need takes your time and getting reps to do them can be a challenge. No one wins. Reps using our game-based roleplays routinely do dozens of roleplays. They get instant, consistent feedback in a risk free environment and can feel their confidence go up with each play.


 Not “pitch practice” – real customer conversation practice.  Repeat, natural language roleplay practice with an animated AI HCP bot in a risk-free environment is a consistent, measurable and scalable way to help your reps develop muscle memory around all aspects of the sales conversation.


Your Sales Conversation, Simulated Exactly.  Unless reps can consistently execute the customer conversation the way you’ve designed it, their results, and your ability to predict revenue, will vary.

Supercharge your sales team.

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Improve win rates
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Increase deal sizes