Top talent is your unfair advantage.

Your sales team is the revenue lifeblood of your organization. You want to fill it with passionate, skilled talent that can hit the ground running. RNMKRS is your doorway to the largest population of college students studying sales in universities nationwide.

We work actively with nearly 100 schools and provide recruiting teams access to 30,000 students.

Extensive Training.

Hours of Practice.

Incredible Talent.

RNMKRS candidates have extensive training in the sales process and hours of roleplay practice in the skills your sales leaders are looking for.


From mastery of selling fundamentals to traveling sales teams, our candidates come from the leading collegiate sales centers.


We augment your decision-making process with key information on candidate preferences and performance data before you reach out.



RNMKRS candidates can demonstrate their ability to apply what they’ve learned in realistic roleplay scenarios like the ones sales teams rely on. Candidates role-play sales scenarios dozens or even hundreds of times.

Meet Candidates Live

We take you into the classroom to meet candidates in virtual class meetings. Come to our live events and meet the top women, diversity, and performance candidates in our exciting community events.

 Visit FACULTY.RNMKRS.COM to learn how organizations like Dell, Farmers, Cintas, and Hilti use RNMKRS to recruit top talent into entry-level sales positions.

How can I engage with the top emerging sales talent?

Sales talent is in short supply. Finding people to join your team who have a driving passion for sales and the skills to ramp quickly to productivity takes the challenge to a whole new level. See firsthand how companies like Cintas and Insight Global connect with top-tier sales professionals and elevate their recruitment strategy with RNMKRS.


Find the right fit. Your sales culture depends on bringing in people for whom sales is not a backup plan. Use our data to understand passion for sales and grit – and a demonstrated commitment to a sales career.


Participate in unique and direct student interactions with 10s or 100s of sales students at a time.Visit classrooms and participate in regular virtual national events that will give you a wide range and style of opportunities to connect with the next generation of sales professionals. 


Drive optimal “live” interactions. Enrich existing campus recruiting programs and candidate interactions with an understanding of candidate background and sales skills performance data. Use these insights to drive more meaningful interactions.


Improve your precision with advanced targeting tools and analytics. We offer an easy way to sort through candidates, with filters that range from where they’d like to live, previous experience, work style preferences, and other information that helps you narrow your search.


Extend your geographic reach. Expand your reach to include candidates at schools where you don’t have a presence. Improve the likelihood of finding the candidates you want and need from schools around the country.

Optimize your candidate pipeline.

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Improve win rates
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Increase deal sizes