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We’re here to help you get noticed, get started and get hired in a job you love. 

Student interview

You’ve developed your skills at school. Now, you have to work on your Personal Brand. This is how you present yourself to the professional world. It couldn’t be more important to your success – and we’re here to help. 

Check out these videos to get started on building a killer Personal Brand!

Your Cover Letter

The very first impression you will create with an employer is when you introduce yourself. Your cover letter needs to get their attention, make you stand out and get you an interview – here are some great tips.

Write a Great Resume

Your resume is a snapshot of your professional, educational and personal life. It’s meant to give employers a sense of what you’re about, what skills you have and what you’ve experienced. Here’s how to get started on a resume that will get you results.

Get Discovered on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to build your network, which is essential to professional success – no matter what field you choose. Professor Bob Nadeau from Plymouth State University is an expert on LinkedIn strategy and has some great tips for you on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage. Check it out.

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